Weavile is a enemy, and a character in the series. Weavile is the leader of the Ice Fighters. He was hired by Nuzleaf, and Diggersby to kill Mark and his friends until he was killed by Shadow.


Weavile has a small purple body, yellow crystal on his forehead, red long ears, a big red head with lines on it, a red collor, a red tail, and white claws, and white toes.


Weavile appeared talking to Nuzleaf, and Diggersby with Beartic, and Avalugg. After they heard everything they wenf to kill them.

After Charizard left Mark kepts thinking about a flashback he saw as Weavile said "How touching." Then they fought each other. After Weavile took it to far Mark came back extra powerful and defeated him. Then Shadow killed him ending his life.


Icy Metal Claw: A combination of Metal Claw and Ice Punch. Weavile uses Metal Claw and coats them in Ice Punch slicing anything while the parts they cuts freezes.

Ice Punch: A ice type move that coat the fist in a ice aura. When the user punches his opponent it freezes on the spot.

Metal Claw: A steel-type move that makes claws to transformed into steel. It is so sharp that it can cut tough skin.


Mark vs. Weavile