Pikachu is a character and one of the protagonists on the series. Pikachu lives in Thunder Cayon until Darkrai used his magic to take over Pikachu's home. Now Pikachu joins the group.


Pikachu looks like a small mouse, with a thunder bolt tail, red cheecks, black stripes on his back, long pointy ears, and a cute face.


Pikachu was mentioned as the Thunder Mouse a copule of times because he shows up to help innocent Pokémon that are controlled by Darkrai's magic. He saved Emolga from Nuzleaf, and Diggersby.

After that he guided pur heroes to Superior, Charizard, and Felaligatr to give Mark Treecko, and Froakie training to battle Darkrai and his minions. He was shocked by the news that Mark used to be human.

After meeting with Emolga all of a sudden he guide them to Thunder Cayon that was attacked by ground type Pokémon and defewted Cubone and they left to get the crystal.


Quick Attack: a Normal-Type move that several Pokémon can use. It allows it's user to tackle an opponent with great speed. Pikachu use this move to fight Diggersby, and Nuzleaf.

Iron Tail: a Steel-Type move that almost all Pokémon can use. It's user tail can changed into a metal like substance and attacks the opponent HARD enough to nock a several teeth out.


Pikachu, and Mark vs. Nuzleaf, and Diggersby.