This fight is a fight between the human turned Pokémon Mark and the Ice Fighter Weavile.

how it startsEdit

The fight starts by Weavile attacking Mark with his Metal Claw attack. Mark kept dodging Weavile's Ice Punch before he decided to spice it up by using Ice Beam.

He froze his arm and attacked him with both Ice punches ready. Mark blocked only one Ice Punch with his Fire Punch before Weavile got Mark with his other Ice Punch. Weavile used his Ice Beam to freeze his body until his head isn't frozen.

Weavile used his Night Slash but Mark got out of the ice and blocked it with Fire Punch breaking the blade shocking the ice fighter. Mark activavated his ability as Weavile used Icy Metal Claw. They clashed each other as Mark kept deflecting his attacks by Fire Punch.

Mark gave Weavlie a powerful Fire Punch flying him over to Shadow who killed him as Mark collapsed from exhastion.


Mark wins.


Weavile (By Shadow.)