Diggersby is one of the sneaky Pokémon that followed the heroes with his partner Nuzleaf.


Diggersby looks like a giant grey bunny, with big ears with a brown end, green and yellow fur belly, a green mouth, and brown feet.


Diggersby appeared beside Nuzleaf while being really loud. Nuzleaf scolded him for being loud scared that the heroes have heard him. Nuzleaf reminded Diggersby about their plan.

They tricked Druddigon to attack the heroes, but the truth was revealed after they nearly defeated him and Sticks pointed out their location. Both of them escaped. They were seen again and captured Emolga.

She was saved by Pikachu and him and Mark defeated them in battle. They followed them and overheard that Mark was once a human. Then they hired the Ice Fighters to kill them.

They waited to hear the results only for Shadow to them he killed them and said Darkrai has plans for them. He and Nuzleaf were guided to see Darkrai and explained everything with Darkrai getting mad.

He ask who Basch was and got his answer with him replying "That would be me."


Mud Shot: A ground-type move. The user fires balls of mud toward their target.

Rock Slide: A rock-type move. The user summons rocks from the sky to attack their oppnents.


Pikachu, and Mark vs. Nuzleaf, and Diggersby.