Darkrai is a character, and the main antagonist in Kyurem's mysterious dungeon. Darkrai is a very powerful being after being sealed away in 200 years tryong to get the Crystal Of Legend.


Darkrai has no legs except has black smoke coverong him, white smake for hair, red smoke around his neck as a scarf, and doesn't have a mouth.


Darkrai is a very powerful being after being sealed for 200 years by Cresselia, and a Herioc Hedgehog. He broke free and started to control the Pokémon trying to find the Crystal Of Legend.

He was mentioned in a copule of Chapters though have not been seen. His voice was heard during his talk with Shadow. He was seen in full appearance when Shadow brought him Nuzleaf, and Diggersby. He was angry that the heroes were looking for the Crystals to bring the Crystal Of Legend back together.

After they left he created Basch and made him his top henchmen. He also told the sneaky Pokémon he's going for the crystal.


Not mentioned for now.


Cresselia, and The Heroic Hedgehog vs. Darkrai.


Cresselia, and the Herioc Hedgehog.