Basch is a character and the secondary antagonist of Kyurem's mysterious dungeon. Basch was created by Darkrai to serve him.


Basch is a grey wolf that looks like Tails in an evil way with grey and dark grey bangs on his head and the end of his tail, he had silver claws, red eyes with a red scar over his right eye, he was also wearing a black jacket.


Basch was made by Darkrai to sevre a soul perpose: Reform the Crystal Of Legend after Darkrai heard by Nuzleaf, and Diggersby that Mark and the others are getting the crystals.

Darkrai decided to raise Basch on his own after all Darkrai gave him muck knowledge after he was born. His first appearance was when he said "That would be me." To a comunacator and ask the sneaky Pokémon where the crystal of electricity was.

He entered the cave Sonic enter and encountered him with Sonic thinking he's Tails. After Sonic was unconscious Basch went further down the cave.

Basch looked to see ZekromMark, and Treecko fighting each other. In a bliss of Smoke he grabbed the Crystal Of Electricity and ran out not before fighting Tails, Sticks, and Knuckles to get out. Basch told Darkrai he succeeded in his mission. After encountering the Pokémon heroes he got away with Diggersby, and Nuzleaf with the Crystal and brought it to Darkrai.


Basch's sword is a blade that looks like what demons would hold. It is a black blade with demon wings at the hilt, a arrow shape point, a demon eye and the hilt, a bronze point at the hilt, and curves at the lower part of it.
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Sonic vs. Basch

Knuckles, and Sticks vs. Basch


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