Avalugg is a enemy and a member of the Ice Fighters. He was hired by Nuzleaf, and Diggersby to destroy Mark and his friends unti' he was killed by Shadow.


Avalugg looks like a turtle iceberg with a flat top, and a head like a snappimg turtle's.


Avalugg appeared talking to Nuzleaf, and Diggersby with Weavile, and Beartic. After they heard everything they went to kill them.

After Felaligatr left Froakie said he can take on anything which got Avalugg to ask "Are you sure about that?" Froakie found out he was sitting on Avalugg. Then they fought each other. After Avalugg took it to far Froakie came back extra powerful and defeated him. Then Shadow killed him ending his life.


Skull Bash: A normal-type move. It gets it's user to attack the opponent head on with a headbutt at full power.

Gyro Ball: A steel-type move. The user spins around with so much power that it will defeat the opponent easliy if their lucky.

Ice Beam: A ice-type move. A beam of ice that freezes the opponent on the spot.


Froakie vs. Avalugg